Rod Zastrow, CEO

The mission of Spartan Global Aviation Training, LLC is to support training and education for the growing international aerospace industry. We are proud to add value by bringing a fresh set of aviation training programs to our valued partners.

Spartan Global, and our subsidiary Spartan Iraq, LLC (“Spartan Iraq”) provide services outside the U.S. and have recently worked together with the U.S. Government and the Government of Iraq to re-establish the Iraq Air Academy, providing foundational pilot and maintenance technician training in Iraq for cadets of the Iraq Air Force.

Spartan Global is an affiliate of Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology (“Spartan College”), which provides aviation training at its U.S. campuses in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Broomfield (Denver), Colorado; Los Angeles, California; and Riverside, California. Founded in 1928, now, more than 90 years later, Spartan College continues to be a leader in the global aviation training industry.  More than 100,000 students have been trained in the U.S. from more than 60 other countries.

Full access to the valuable knowledge and experiences of Spartan College sets apart Spartan Global as uniquely prepared to bring high quality curriculum, superb training materials, and innovative learning systems delivered with extraordinary instructional expertise.